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About Sabathu

Sabathu or better named as Subathu, is a cantonment town inside the Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. This town has got a regal inheritance, which dates back to the British era. Sabathu along with two other nearby hilly region namely, Kasauli and Dagshai were three of the main repositories for the British army during the 19th century. This is a small and quiet town with limited population. This town is very near to some of the major cities like Chandigarh, Ludhiana, Patiala and Yamuna Nagar.

About Sabathu

Origin of the Name

As per the native legends, Sabathu may have remained an important place during the Mahabharata times. This place is believed to have acquired name from the ruler of the Kunindia kingdom, King Subahu. Another version of local history states that Subathu or Sabathu had been derived from “Subbah Tum”, which means the residence of a governor. This had come from the British rule and settlement at this region. Another modern version of the place’s name derivation has been believed to be from “Subha Thor”, a term which means a place where one can stop for breakfast while travelling to Shimla.

History of Sabathu

Once entire was under the able rule of the Gurkhas before 1814, with Amar Singh Thapa being at the helm of the kingdom. Due to the rugged and difficult terrain and the presence of well equipped forts, Subathu could not be conquered by any rulers of those times. The Subathu Gurkha Regiment was believed to be one of the fierce forces which even invaded China during 1900 under Britishers. The British army had an eye for this region due to its strategic location and cold weather. This led to a fight and capture of the Gurkha regiment in May 1815. Amar Singh Thapa was defeated and his troop was renamed by the Britons as the ‘Nuseree Regiment’. The first political overseer of this region was Lieutenant Ross, who was assigned in 1818. The year 1821 witnessed the making of the Durbar Hall or Kennedy House in Subathu by Captain Charles Praft Kennedy. The famous Viceregal Lodge was constructed in 1829 due to the visit of the then Viceroy, Lord William Bentinck to this hilly town. A complete Briton township was built inside the deep ridges of this area and many missionary works took place in this area.

Profile of Subathu
British Raj Officers in Subathu

Subathu also had many American settlers during its early days. Reverend Samuel Evans Stokes reached out to the local natives with his missionary work and in turn helped them to convert into Christianity. In the year 1837, the American Presbyterian Church was being built in this town which still stands today in its glory. Reverend Stokes was the person who started the entire apple trade, which in the following years became the main economic simulator of Himachal Pradesh. The Hindustan-Tibet road in 1856 and Kalka-Shimla railway line in 1905 were the two major infrastructural developments done by the Britons, which in turn led to the growth of Shimla as a capital and stopped the growth of Subathu town.

Geography of Sabathu

Situated exactly at 30.97° North latitude and 76.99° East longitude, the small town of Subathu is located at an altitude of 4150ft or 1265m. This cantonment town is stretched over an area of 2.4 square kilometers. The neighbouring cities which surround Subathu are namely, Patta, Kasauli and Ambala. This region remains cool throughout the year. April to June is the summer months with temperature reaching to 36 degree Celsius. The evenings during this period remains pretty cool and temperature may fall to almost 21 degree Celsius. July to September receives good amount of rainfall. The precipitation level during this period ranges from 400mm to 600mm per month with the average rainfall days touching to 28. Winters are pretty long and cold and stay from October to March. The temperature may fall below 10 degree Celsius and snowfall is also witnessed. For tourists Sabathu is a place which can be visited throughout the year. Warm clothes are a must during any season. During winters jackets and overcoats are a must carry. One should also carry umbrella to avoid the chilly and freezing rainfall.

Demography of Sabathu

As per the Census study of India, 2011 the population of Subathu cantonment is around 3,685. Of this about 82% of the population comprises of rural people who have a quiet country life. The male and female population are respectively 47% and 53% with an average literacy rate of approximately 86%. Male literacy rate is about 91% while female population has literacy of 77%. The total population below 6 years of age is 9%.

Administration in Sabathu

Sabathu town comes under the Municipal Council of Solan, the largest municipality of Himachal Pradesh. The Executive Officer of Solan is at the helm of the entire district administration supported by 18 councillors. The entire council has a term of 5 years. The municipality is responsible for construction and maintenance of roads, drainage works, disposal of waste materials, reclamation and repair of unhealthy localities and improvement of bridges and culverts. The Executive Officer is responsible for the collection of revenue from various parts of the district. Subathu is also a Cantonment under the Ministry of Defence. This Cantonment is a category III board that comprises of the Ex-Officio, District Magistrate (Executive Officer of Solan Municipality), CEO, Health Officer, Executive Engineer and Military Officer. This board apart from the district municipality has a control over the administration of Subathu. This small army town is a clean haven with mostly stone building donning the area. Due to army presence, the law and order is also in place and controlled by the Cantonment Board. The Cantonment Board has created an online platform or a multi utility system for the citizens of Subathu, to handle any government chores. This online portal helps locals to track any service entitlements under national and state government schemes.

Deputy Commissioner, Solan
DC Office, District Solan
Tel No 01792-220656
Fax 01792-220086
E-mail :

Additional Deputy Commissioner, Solan
District Solan
Tel No 01792-223705
E-mail :

Samadhan- Cantonment Board Subathu
Phone: 01792-275025
E Portal:

Tourist Places in Sabathu

Due to the amazing weather condition and scenic beauty Subathu is visited by people from all parts of India. Subathu has got some of the historic British structures visited by tourists every year. The age old American Presbyterian Church building, the grand Durbar Hall or Kennedy House, the Viceregal Lodge of 1829 built are some of the popular structures of this town. The entire town is surrounded by the Pine forest, which has actually kept the place away from the urban commotion. There is a beautiful Brijeshwar Temple, only 6kms away from the town centre. Hundreds of devotees pay homage to their God every year.

Tourist Places in Sabathu
Sightseeing in Sabathu

The old cemetery which holds the memories of the deceased Britons have been a place of interest. The Regimental Center of Indian Army at an altitude of 1265m has a small museum, where it showcases the past and present glory of the Gurkha regiment. But the oldest building of this town is the ‘Gurkha Fort’ which is believed to be about 800 years old. The place is open for public and a tour is operated by the local tour guides. Most of the fort area is in shambles, but travellers can still enjoy the sight of some of the ancient frescos on the walls.

Subathu is a must go place for the trekkers. One can go through the endless pine forest, enjoy patches of terrace cultivation by the side of the hills and spend endless time in bird watching. The ‘old road’ from Kalka to Kasauli is a proper trek route, which goes through Sanawar and finally reached Subathu. The route is only for seasoned trekkers and families and novice people are not at all entertained. Tourists can also enjoy stretches of Bamboo, Pine and Eucalyptus forests. In totality one can get mesmerised into the beauty and calmness of the place.

Economy of Sabathu

Agricultural cultivators and labourers on other’s farmland has still remained the main occupation of the region. More than 52% of the local residents work as main and marginal workers to earn their living. Due to the presence of proper rain fed and irrigated patches of land, cropping intensity is pretty high. Rice, Maize, Wheat, Barley are the major crops produced. There are farmlands dedicated to specific horticultural fruits and vegetables. There are many orchards and apple gardens present in this region. Many of these produces are being exported outside, thus adding to the economic growth. Cash crop production like Tomato, Capsicum, Peas, Ginger etc. are also practiced by the locals to increase income. Other than farming, live stock rearing and poultry are some of the well known businesses. There is small market for medicinal plants which are naturally found in the forests. Many small traders are present who do trading of medicinal plants. There is a potential for dry fruits market. There are many middlemen, who reap out the profit by purchasing at lower cost from local farmers and selling them at higher cost to the final bidder. There are no manufacturing industries present in this area, being a Cantonment area.

Healthcare in Sabathu

Hospitals in Sabathu

Healthcare in Subathu town is still at its primary stage. The Cantonment General Hospital is the only hospital in this town area. Inside this hospital there is a provision for only 9 beds. Most of the patients who pay visit here are outdoor patients. The hospital also has its own operation theatre, labour room and DOT centre for general public. During the year 2011, health camp was arranged for Pulse Polio Immunization by the hospital administration. Many healthcare camps are organised from time to time, to help the rural people with free treatment and medicine. Apart from this hospital there are no other medical facilities in operation in Subathu town. In case of any serious emergency, patients have to be taken to the nearby Solan main town for treatment.

Cantonment General Hospital
Address: Cantonment Board Subathu, Hazeldine, Subathu-173206, Himachal Pradesh
Phone: 01792-275025, 275425, 01792-275033
Fax: 09915667118

Bank Branches in Sabathu

The main financial intermediary of any economy is a bank. India has the presence of banking institutions in all the nooks and corners of the country. The central government is on the constant mission along with RBI, to give all its residents access to any bank account. This in turn will help people to save and earn proper interest. The money also remains safe from any ponzi investment. Sabathu town has got two full fledged bank branches for its residents. The name and all other relevant details are being provided below.

Punjab National Bank (PNB)
Branch: Subathu
Address: Arhat Bazar, Subathu, District Solan, Himachal Pradesh- 173206
Phone: 01792-275077, 275882
IFSC Code: PUNB0313600
MICR Code: 173024057

State Bank Of India (SBI)
Branch: Subathu
Address: Dr. Garg Building, Solan Road, Subathu Town, DIST Solan Himachal Pradesh- 173206
Phone: 01792-275053, 275443
IFSC Code: SBIN0002466
MICR Code: 173002191

Utility Services in Sabathu

Sabathu as a town has all kinds of utility services required to maintain a healthy lifestyle. There are local provision stores to address all the daily needs of the residents. The Cantonment has got a gas agency office within its campus for people’s need. There is one petrol pump near Village Deothi. Other than this there are petrol pumps present in the Solan main town. There is one semi operational post office that looks after delivery of postal goods. This post office is under the Solan division with Shimla as head quarter. There is a courier service outlet of DTDC present inside the town to handle emergency couriers. Most of the food items are generally produced by each household. Shops selling vegetables and fish are pretty less over here.

ASC Gas Agency (Indane Gas)
Address: C/O, 14 Gorkha Training Centre, Subathu Town, Solan– 173206
Phone:  01792-275045

Subathu Petrol Pump
Address: Village Deothi, P.O Subathu, District Solan, Solan – 173206

Subathu Post Office- Sub Office (Delivery)
Address: Subathu S.O, Solan District, Solan- 173206, Himachal Pradesh
Phone: 01792-275730

DTDC Subathu
Address: Shop No. 75, Out Subathu, Solan, Pin-173206, Himachal Pradesh
Phone: 9218587549

Shopping in Sabathu

Information on Sabathu
Shops in Sabathu

Do not visit Subathu with the anticipation of visiting an urban town. This Cantonment town is a small one surrounded with amazing scenic beauty, amidst calm and quiet rural people. The Lower Bazaar is the main shopping market for all kinds of essentials. This shopping area is flooded with small and medium shops that sell varieties of items. These items can range from food to dress materials to jewellery. There are few handicraft shops, which sell various local products and souvenirs that can attract tourists. Other than small mementos there is not much to carry back home from Sabathu. It is advised to the tourists that, try to make a day’s trip to this town and enjoy the beauty of the nature and cool weather.

Food and Restaurants in Sabathu

Sabathu not being a commercial town has very little entertainment avenues. Mahadev Bhajanalaya is the most popular restaurant of this place. Placed in Village Radiana of Subathu, this restaurant offers north Indian dishes both vegetarian and non vegetarian. One can savour north Indian Thali over here. Food here is a bit spicy and mostly vegetarian in nature. Patande, Lushke, Sidu and Pachole are some of the local dishes one can try. Other than this, there are many road side food stalls that serve Maggi Noodles, Tea, Coffee and Momo to the passerby.

Mahadev Bhojnalaya
Address: C/O Mahadev Guest House, Village Radiana, Subathu, Solan - 173206
Phone: +(91)-9816004416, +(91)-1792-275826

Transport in Sabathu

Sabathu is very well connected to its neighbouring big cities of its district and other parts of Himachal Pradesh via road network. Himachal Road Transport Corporation, Solan Depot is one of the main bus depots of the state. The HRTC buses run everyday to connect Subathu with the neighbouring districts like Sirmour, Shimla, Kangra, Bilaspur, Hamirpur and many more. Normal and Hi-tech AC buses are available for daily commutation. People can do long distance travel to Delhi, Chandigarh, Haryana, Punjab etc. via the routes offered by HRTC and other private bus company. Tourists can also book private cars or local taxis on hourly basis to visit Subathu. The nearest railway station is the small Solan Railway station, which is one of the world’s highest. Other than that there is the Shimla station on the Kalka-Shimla railway route. It is a part of the north-western narrow gauge line of the Indian Railway. From Shimla it is just about 50kms to Subathu by road. It can take about 1.30 hours to reach Subathu town from Shimla.

In totality, Subathu is a calm and cool cantonment town with a basket of natural beauty to surround it. It is a place for the shutterbugs and trekkers. Visit the city to experience the beauty of mother nature at its best.

Sabathu at a glance

Country : India
State : Himachal Pradesh
District : Solan
Elevation : 1,265 m (4,150 ft)
Population (2001)
• Total : 5,720
• Official : Hindi
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)

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